Calloway Store

The old store at
1301–1303 Pierce Street
In 1877 William J. Calloway purchased the land formerly occupied by Confederate Camp Davis from William and Fannie Ford. Calloway built a neighborhood general store with living quarters for his wife, Rebecca Pride Calloway, and himself. The owners of the store and occupants of the apartments have changed through the ensuing 150 years.
The store was one of the first black-owned-and-operated neighborhood grocery stores in Lynchburg.
Names of the store and historical timeline:
1877 Calloway Store
1900 Calloway and Spencer, “Dealers in Plain and Fancy
Groceries, Country Produce, Tobacco and Cigars”
1907 William Jacob Calloway died and deeded the property to his business partners, Edward and Warwick Spencer.
1912 Spencer’s Grocery
1940 Hamilton’s Cash Store
1968 Pierce Street Grocery Store
1982 “Old Store” was purchased by Chauncey E. Spencer Sr. from his cousin Robert Crisp, the grandson of Warwick Spencer Jr. Chauncey stabilized the building and drafted architectural plans.
2009 Shaun Spencer-Hester, the daughter of Chauncey E. Spencer Sr., began work to restabilize and restore the “Old Store,” which had been condemned.
2018 “Old Store” sold by Chauncey’s wife, Anne Spencer, to Pierce Street Gateway.